pretty solider (myxdollxheart) wrote in americanjgirls,
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Hi, i'm new and just thaught I'd introduce my self - even though i'm taking a risk not knowing if intro post are frowned upon Image hosting by Photobucket. I live in Winston-Salem. My favourite j-bands are:
Image hosting by Photobucketmalice mizerImage hosting by Photobucketoresama shikouImage hosting by PhotobucketPsycho le CemuImage hosting by PhotobucketL'arc~en~cielImage hosting by PhotobucketMoi Dix MoisImage hosting by PhotobuckethanamukeImage hosting by PhotobucketbutterspritesImage hosting by Photobucket and bleach (o3)

I love making lj friends, and am pretty friendly ^_______^ Add me if you like, but be sure to comment my friends only entry so I can add you back.
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