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hello X3

I always hate introducing myself because i don't know what to say really.... *twitches*

I go by Jinx, live in florida and have found a new (well the past 3 years) obsession with j-rock and their j-rockers. <3 Malice Mizer, Hyde, Gazette, Dir En Grey, and Miyavi are my faves. I like some of the j-pop too, but even in american music i mostly stick to rock/metal. I'm going to get to see my first j-rock concert in february so i'm super excited (DEG if you were curious). I also love anime (and i've been a fan for years now, ever since Akira hit stateside), japanese fashions; harajuku, lolli. And even some japanese and asian artists like Clamp and Shiro. I'm pretty much a j-file all together these days. ha ha.

yeah so, if anyone else wants a friend to share their j-file obsessions with don't be afraid to add me. i'm new and looking for some friends around here. <3 -Jinx
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